Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hi All!

I know it has been so long since I have blogged but now is the time to check back in and update everyone on the news. Kaiden is doing amazing everyday. We had a fantastic summer and went on our first Disneyland trip. His older sister came with us (we surprised her) and she had a blast. Back in June, Kaiden was thought to have a seizure. We still are not for sure if it was one, but when the EEG was done they saw no signs. According to the Neurologist,he could have just not been firing signs of a seizure at that moment, and we are to video tape any strange behaviors by him when they happen again. So far nothing! Thank god!

Kaiden was prescribed braces for his little feet about a two weeks ago and he is having a blast trying to walk! He is talking steps and that is such a huge improvement for him. I just want to shove it in all the Dr.'s faces that he is walking. He still needs to learn to stand on his own and really get good balance on his feet, but he will get there. He has to wear 2 sizes too big in shoes and an X Wide! He is having trouble just maneuvering around with the braces on.

We had a neurosurgeon appointment last week and she reminded me that he has not had a hospital stay for 1 year now! Well minus the 3 day stay for throwing up, which we thought was a shunt malfunction that turned into a allergy to milk. But no brain surgeries needed! We are now anticipating the eye surgery in November, I cant wait for him to have better sight and not be cross eyed anymore. They say he will likely have many eye surgeries in his life, but they are very safe.

We are coming up on the walk next month everyone! We hope to see a great turn out from all our friends and family. We are super excited to see our out of town guests come for this!

I will start to write more on my blog for now on, for now I am going to hit the books. School is very time consuming lately.

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